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Why We Only Do Exact Pricing

First and foremost this is a Christian owned business and we believe in honesty, integrity, and dependability. Very Simple…We own and operate all our commercial cleaning businesses the same way…Honest, up-front business. No hidden fees, No billing, No hassles, No contracts. Payments are due the same day services are rendered.

Why do our services seem to be expensive compared to other power washing services? Very simple…Because they are. Why? First and foremost we do not just remove the graffiti from your property…We are going to clean all of the “Immediate Surrounding” areas as well.


What You Can Expect From Dr. Dirt


Indianapolis, Indiana graffiti removal Service

Here is a perfect example of why our graffiti removal service is going to cost you more than some companies. Our goal is to turn your vandalism situation into a positive experience.

Almost every pressure washing service is going to charge about $750-$1500 just to remove the graffiti from this brick corner wall stairway on both sides, however most companies are not going to clean every square inch of this wall, they are simply going to remove the graffiti because that is the service you are paying for.

Graffiti removal from other companies will not include surface cleanings, soft washing, or chemical treatments as part of the graffiti removal service…However, our company does. We do include additional cleaning and much more.

  1. First we would go and remove all of the graffiti itself safely and effectively from the bricks. I would clean every square inch of this brick corner wall…including the top crown made of limestone.
  2. Then we would clean and restore as much of the bricks natural beauty without damaging the brick and motor.
  3. At that point I would asses the over all stairway and surrounding area to see what type of improvements I could make to the area that would just simply improve the curb appeal.
  4. I would likely use chemicals at this point if possible (this is determined by the drainage in that area), chemicals cannot leave the property unless they are 100% bio-degradable. Of course we have both, and we can and we will preform our duties to the best of our abilities.
  5. This is a Christian owned business and our intention is to truly bring a positive situation out of a negative situation. We may discuss taking the cleaning service further and we can set up a monthly payment plan for any additional cleaning services.
  6. Additionally we would give you significant discounts on any additional services that may or may not be preformed on that same day.
  7. If there was no access to water I would charge an additional fee simply because I would be removing the graffiti predominately by hand and by bringing my own water to the scene of the crime. I would strive to find a water unit near by and would  pay someone for access to their water unit if necessary.


                                                National Average cost = $1,000- $3000                          



This is the most common graffiti “Everywhere” in the world…

And Here In Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis Indiana graffiti removal service is owned by Dr. Dirt call today 317-695-2400

These are referred to as “Tags” and they have a wide range of meanings and significance to them all. Typically you you find either “signature” tags and/or words, letters, or statements

There is a huge difference in the time, money, and effort that goes into this type of graffiti vandalism. More experienced and better financed individuals can afford to invest more time, effort, money and “risk”.

These all have one thing in common…these are very basic statements and “identified” areas of interest. Whatever the meaning they cost people thousands of dollars every year to have them removed. Most people usually have no idea that there even was a reason behind the graffiti.

                                             National Average Cost = $500 – $1,250



“This would also include a complimentary stone surface cleaning of the affected area if there is access to a water supply within 100 feet. Our goal is always to bring a positive result to a negative situation”.



How would Dr. Dirt remove this type of graffiti and how much would this cost to have it removed?

  • All of these are basically the same thing but different. They would all get the same type of removal and the same chemical treatments.
  • However you will notice some are on limestone and additional time and care will be needed on those areas.
  • There are numerous factors that go into the cost of pricing graffiti removal.Indianapolis, Indiana graffiti removal service is owned and operated by Dr. Dirt. Call today 317-695-2400.
  • Often times they are painted on metal surfaces that create a number of challenges.
  • If there is access to water that will always save you money.
  • If graffiti has to be removed by hand due to a lack of water supply or the surface is delicate such as a vehicle then that will be more difficult and time consuming.
  • You will notice here that these are “tags” from downtown Indianapolis and there are no water supplies near the bridge.
  • Additionally there are restrictions on chemicals near the river.
  • Each one has a different situation of it’s own however I categorize them all the same…and I price them all the same.
  • They are all priced the same however results, time, effort, specialty chemicals all come out of the agreed fixed price.
  • I have a flat rate for all “categories” of Graffiti.


                                             National Average Cost = $1,000 – $2,500   


These would all come with a complimentary stone cleaning service of the area that was vandalized. There may be some restrictions and/or limitations if there is no access to water. Our objective is to not leave a huge clean spot that is visibly noticeable and nearly as irritating as the graffiti was.


All Tags look the same but they are not

Indianapolis, Indiana graffiti removal service.

There are a multitude of variations if you notice here. The type of paint that was used. The concentrated areas where the paint is much thicker. Some tags are on concrete and some are on limestone. Some have access to water and some do not.

Some are difficult and time consuming and some are not. This is why people or pressure washing businesses will never give you exact prices. They always give you quotes, estimates, and usually financial surprises.

Nobody knows how difficult it will be until they actually go to remove the graffiti. However I feel people deserve to know exactly what they are going to pay right up-front. We want you to know exactly what you are paying for and exactly what to expect.

You will never pay more than what was agreed upon regardless of the circumstances. All additional time and chemical fees are 100% absorbed by Dr. Dirt’s Power Washing Service LLC.


                                           National Average Cost = $500 – $1,250




This is a “Typical” signature style of graffiti

Indianapolis, Indiana graffiti removal service 317-695-2400 call Dr. Dirt today!

You will find this type of graffiti everywhere in Indianapolis and all around the world. This is the second most common type of graffiti that is painted everyday. This is an “Alias” or “Nick Name”… “Diamond”. However, you will notice in the bottom left hand side of this “Tag”…the artist signed their name.

This would include the graffiti removal and a concrete surface cleaning for the entire wall…Possibly including some additional sections to improve the overall appearance of the entire wall.

This wall is heavily painted with colors on a fairly “raw” concrete surface. This will take additional time and chemicals to achieve the “maximum” graffiti removal results. This concrete surface would be easier to clean if it were on the ground.

This graffiti will take time, chemicals, and honest work to remove this signature. This is an entire can of paint that is painted on a really nice concrete wall. After removing the graffiti we would then soft wash the entire wall with chemicals to bring the concrete back to the original white/gray color as possible.

This would cost you anywhere from $1000-$3000 just for the graffiti removal. There would definitely be additional charges for cleaning the entire wall that was vandalized.

The entire wall would need to be cleaned. So where does it end? At your property line or where it will look the best. Again this is a Christian owned business and we will strive to make the area look better that it did before it was vandalized.


                                             Average National Cost = $1,500-$3,500                          



How Much Will It Cost To Remove Graffiti From An Entire Wall?

That will depend on The Wall…The Surface…The Amount of Paint…The complexity of The Graffiti Removal Process… And a few other contributing factors. However…That is why we give exact prices instead of charging per square foot. Companies typically will charge an average of $5 per foot…and that is  on the low side of national averages.

Dr. Dirt's graffiti removal service will give you exact prices over the phone.

This wall is the perfect example of why my services are ideal for business owners and property managers. This wall is very old and dirty…and obviously is covered in a wide variety of graffiti. This wall would need a Chemical Bath…” Soft Wash”…, Some additional Pressure Washing,  and Graffiti Removal.

A wall this size would take several hours for the graffiti removal. And certainly no company is going to clean a wall this size for no additional cost…that is un-heard of in this industry. This wall would take approximately 8 hours to complete all of the work.


                                              National Average Cost = $3,500 – $7,500                

                                 These jobs can not be preformed without  access to water


Dr. Dirt's Indianapolis graffiti removal service is a specialized pressure washing service. Call the doctor today 317-695-2400.


How much will it cost to have your graffiti removed?

We are the only dedicated graffiti removal service in Indianapolis, Indiana.


           Need An Exact Price Over The Phone Today?

          No Problem…We Will Just Need Some Basic Information From You First.
                      1 – Send pictures of the graffiti directly to 317-695-2400.
                2 – Send the exact location ( Physical Address) where the graffiti is.
                                3 – Send a picture of the surrounding area.
                           4- Send a picture of the water supply access unit.
       5- If there is no access to water please be certain that we know that in advance.

                   Send This Information Directly to Dr. Dirt Today

               And We Will Give You An Exact Price Over The Phone



Why would you pay someone, a company, or a business to come and remove the graffiti and not the entire area that was vandalized?

  1. You are paying pressure washing companies or people to remove the graffiti. And that is exactly what they will do…They will remove the graffiti however they will not clean anything additional unless it was previously discussed. Most people do not want to pay more money after they just paid out hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to have graffiti removed that they never financially planned for.
  2. Most private business owners do not have an exterior cleaning service budget like a commercial store would have, and most do not have insurance to cover such an unlikely event. This is why my services simply cost more…I do more work. I will clean everything in and/or on that surface or area…”If Possible”.
  3. Painted areas are very limited and we may not be able to do more than just remove the graffiti without causing damage to the painted surface such as a home or vehicle. However most graffiti will be on some type of surfaces that we can clean. Such as an entire wall, sidewalk, driveway…whatever.
  4. There is not one pressure washing business who will not charge additionally for cleaning the area that was vandalized. Most people are simply not happy about the vandalism and certainly are not excited about spending several hundred dollars just to have the exterior of their property cleaned without planning financially first.
  5. I feel that the entire area that was vandalized should be cleaned so the area does not appear to have been cleaned in just one spot. This is the type of service I offer. I am going to clean the entire area and possibly more depending on the area and how it needs to look.
  6. You would be amazed at the dramatic differences pressure washing and soft washing can do for property. In fact, it should increase the value of property in cases such as home owners. Commercial property value will increase in value for nearly the same amount that was spent on the cleaning services.





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